Christmas Gifts

The big question is what’s Santa bringing the kids?

Sidney has a list a mile long.

William is not really on top of all the Santa stuff yet so he’s decided he’ll have what Sidney is having.

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It might just be the best thing your family gets this Christmas.

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Tapping for Kids – Music to introduce kids to EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Tapping Songs for Kids!

I have been tapping with my kids for about a year & I just love how quickly we can solve a problem by using it.

I usually tap with my kids as it is usually a problem we are all having together.

I made these songs up for my kids with the help of Sally Thibault my tapping mentor.

Kids take to tapping much faster than adults because: They are eager to learn, have much less “baggage” & they love to have fun.

Here are the keys I use when teaching kids how to Tap:

  1. Make it Fun – I understand that this is supposed to be serious but if you can make it fun kids are more likely to use the tool & get more benefit out of it.
  1. Practice first – Get your family used to the tool before using it for themselves. My tapping songs are perfect for getting the kids used to the tool before using it. To start with just singing the song & doing the actions is fun. Afterwards you can add the Tapping in.
  1. Teach your kids about their Emotions. Ask them how they feel. Ask them to show you what all the different emotions look & feel like. Get them used to feeling the different emotions & how they feel in their bodies.
  1. Don’t think you can tap in the middle of a tantrum. It’s not going to happen! Speak to them calmly to calm them down, I usually start singing the Box of Monsters song during the tantrum. Once they calm down you can start tapping.
  1. Try Tapping in the Car on the way home, you will be so surprised how well they go singing the songs & tapping on the way. By the time they get home they will be calm as cucumbers.
  1. Make it a part of your daily routine. Stuff happens every day, so just Tap away. There’s no use teaching kids that you have to hold onto or think that bad emotions are just something we have to “deal” with. Teach you kids that they can get rid of their negative emotions straight away.

Once you are ready to Tap these are the steps to follow: Read More

No More Monster Oil

No More Monster Oil – Essential Oils

While it may seem like essential oils are just the latest and greatest thing, they’ve actually been used by humans for centuries.

Oils contain constituents that are recognised in our bodies. IF you use essential oils on your kids, you’re not inventing the wheel.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of essential oil without the worry of skin reactions.

Inhaled oils have long been studied for their ability to enhance feelings of relaxation, encouragement, excitement, focus, and well-being. Read More

Halloween Detox – Monster Taming Tips

Sidney’s (my eldest son) favorite time of year is Halloween; closely followed by his Birthday & Christmas.

But it’s definitely Halloween!

All year he asks me “when is Halloween?”; “Is it Halloween yet?”; “Is Halloween before or after my birthday?”; “Is Halloween Soon?”

Halloween is full of Monsters, Ghosts and Scary things but for some reason he’s ok with it.

Let’s put it down to the Costumes, the Parties, the FUN and the Candy! Read More