Educational Backyard Activities – Pipe’s Away

The toughest thing, I find for some parents is actually “playing” with their kids.

To help out, I am going to give you some weekly inspo that is cheap, educational & fun.

Pipe’s Away is a brilliant activity for children of any age (your inner child will even have fun).

Step 1 Work out where you can set up this game.

We have a fort out the back but you can pretty much rig this up on anything with zip ties.

Step 2 Go grab some pipes with the elbows in them & some zip ties (& 2 buckets if you don’t have any).  We purchased ours from Bunnings 

For this exercise & to suit the balls we have (mixed variety), we used 90mm downpipe x 4 & you can get away with 2 x socket bends/angles.

Step 3 Assembly – Get the kids to help, let them work out how they go, what are the best angles (bit of math) to use, make 1 pipe go faster & 1 go slower.

This part takes about 20 minutes or so (I have a 2 & a 4 year old) & they are totally enthralled.

We Zip tie it all together & start the fun:

Use a stopwatch & time the balls.

Get them to do a rapid fire.

Race the balls.

Change the angles & see what happens.

They love it & it kept my 2 entertained for an hour just doing the ball games.

Then we decided to do colour.

Step 1 Add some food colouring to tap water

For this exercise we had red & blue (in the cupboard – Always handy to have the primary colours in the pantry)

Step 2 Grab some plastic cups & add Red to 1 pipe & Blue to the other

Step 3 See what colour the red & blue mixes to become in the bucket below – Purple

You can do this with any of the primary colours.

They learn & retain much better with a dash of fun.

This version of the pipes entertained for about a hour but could go longer with more colours.

Thanks for reading – Now get to it X Libby

Full video explanation is on My Youtube Channel  & facebook page @monsterspraymum 

Any questions just leave a comment.


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