Cosmetic Surgery Recommendations

You know how we are all so busy, or are we?

I am going to be blogging about my month that was.

All in all I kicked a lot of goals in January:

  • Made up my Word for the Year which is FREEDOM (Focus, Release, Explore, Elevate, Do it, Own it, Move Forward)
  • Travelled overseas on my own.
  • Spent 2 weeks in Thailand recovering from major surgery to reclaim my body after kids (after gaining & losing 30kg twice over the last 5 years)
  • Visited Temples, markets, hospitals & saw Thailand in a completely different way.
  • Had some time to myself & reflect on me & what I wanted for this year
  • Met some Incredible Women that went to Thailand for Surgery.
  • Started to play the Ukulele
  • Wrote 2 new books inspired by my trip to Thailand
  • Appeared in Lisa Yorks SuperMum Podcast
  • Started to Meditate Daily & started my Mindful journey.
  • Decided to go back to school (TAFE) & become a Teacher Aide

This is all inspired by the incredible 2-20 principle that I am using to help uncomplicate my life Thank You Sally Thibault!

This would normally take me all year to do what I was able to do in a month!

The 2-20 principle creates time for me to make time for myself & my family by giving me clarity.  It’s the best Self Care program you could do!

My biggest revelation in January was this:

We all have things we do everyday ( to do list) & we all have things we would like to do for ourselves (these are our intentions).

If you do your intentions first your to do list becomes easy.  Make time for yourself first, believe it or not YOU are the most important person that exists!

Let’s talk about the Biggest January event The Surgery

In the past 18 years I have not been away from my Husband for more than a night.  I have never been away from my boys in 5 years.

On January 4th I travelled by myself to Thailand to undergo Plastic Surgery.  It was not a little bit of surgery it was a “Mummy Makeover”.

Breast Lift & Reduction, muscle separation repair & an extended Tummy Tuck.  When you say “Mummy Makeover” it sounds so easy & dreamy.

Lucky for me I have a high pain tolerance, I’m fit, healthy & I have healed beautifully.  But it’s not always the case.

While I was there, I was with Women that had some of their surgery cancelled, all their surgery cancelled, complications & a pretty awful time.

Warning If you are considering plastic surgery do all your research & please don’t watch the glamorous Thailand Surgery TV shows (it’s not so glam in real life let me tell you).

The Thai people are amazing but to survive over there here are some tips:

  1. Learn their language!  Not just the Jargon the Surgeon will speak about the surgery, learn Thai because you need to be able to communicate with them at all times.
  2. You must be incredibly humble & respectful they do not accept any confrontation.
  3. You are told what the Surgeon CAN/WILL do for you so don’t go in with pictures & expectations.
  4. What you are quoted for will change
  5. There is no bedside manner
  6. Pain relief is Panadol (actually Tylenol) so if you need something stronger have your surgery here.
  7. Do your inner work prior to going
  8. Know your Vision & make it happen.
  9. Understand the Quote “She who is brave is free” & know what it means to you!
  10. Be under your goal weight! You will gain weight over there due to all the carbs & you will not be able to start exercising until you have healed (approx 6 weeks)
  11. Insurances are all BullS##t.  If you do go for the coverage make sure you read & understand all the fine print.  Don’t assume you will be covered they have loopholes in their loopholes.

I had an incredible time in Thailand.  I followed their rules & allowed things to just, happen.  If you would like anymore info on going overseas for cosmetic surgery drop me an email. x



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